Fruits are a source of many nutrients, but they also can be high in calories

Fruits have been a part of human’s daily life for so long that people could not imagine their absence from the food chain. This is due to the fact that humans have evolved to depend on them for survival. They are used as both a food and as medicine for different diseases. But there is one problem with fruits – they are very calorie-dense and potent in terms of nutrition and taste. People need to know about getting fruits with reduced calories and high caloric density, so that they will be available at all times throughout the day.

The internet led the world to a cuisine revolution. In the last few decades, foods have become calorie-heavy, from meat and dairy products to microwavable portions and potato chips.

Task 1: Create delicious recipes using fruits as ingredients (e.g., chocolate chip cookies with banana) Task 2: How did this recipe come about? (e.g., apple pie with sugar cookies?) Task 3: How can this recipe be improved?

The digital age means that everyone has the opportunity to be a food connoisseur and experience new cuisines. This is why there are many online shopping sites, and supermarkets offering a variety of different kinds of fruits.

“Fruits are the ultimate snack. They’re available in a range of flavors and brands. They’ve got all the power to please and satisfy. Fruits provide a steady supply of energy, which helps our bodies to function throughout the day and beyond it. With a ton of different fruit options, we can eat as much as we want without feeling guilty… In this article, I’ve chosen five fruits to keep you going through your busy day.

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