In this article, we will discuss about fruits and their roles in the human diet

The first and most basic requirement for a fruit is nutrients. But fruit also plays a role as food source. It is not only a source of energy but also an important source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other vitamins, antioxidants and other compounds of various kinds. (source).

Types of fruits: monoculture – all grown in one place; diversified – widely scattered, i.e., wild; semi-diversified – plants with some diversity in their cultivated varieties; viticulture – cultivation on small scale (usually 1 acre); aquaculture – cultivation by artificial means (e.g., ponds or jackets) for the production of fish or shellfish; industrial farming for purposes other than traditional.

Fruits are a natural part of life. Many people eat them regularly and they are also the most important source of nutrition. There is an immense variety of fruits and their taste can vary substantially. Their color, smell and taste can also be quite interesting. Fruits variants can also differ significantly from each other and often one cannot distinguish one fruit from another even if they look very similar in terms of appearance or smell!

​​The fruits of an apple tree are divided into different sections and sub sections. The first section includes the fruit, the second includes the seed, and so on.

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